After a long time, a new SUB collection is finally born and I can't wait to see it in your hands!

With these jewels I wanted to capture the enchantment of the undergrowth and the delicate complexity of nature.

Made with love and passion by hand.


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Jewelry you can forget you're wearing!

Unique pieces handmade in silver and 14k goldfilled

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Special hearts, the SUB_° collection to remind us that the scars we carry with us make us unique

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What does goldfilled mean?

This goldsmith technique consists of applying a 14K gold finish to a metal base mechanically by pressure. This type of finish, being much thicker than normal plating, on average 50 to 100 times thicker, is considerably more durable.

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  • SUB_° Jewels

    SUB_JEWELS was born from a passion for materials and metalworking. I like to see my jewels as a sort of talisman, through which I transmit part of myself! Every decision, design and strategy comes from my gut, which makes SUB_JEWELS super personal. I never design my collection in advance, I design it in my mind and scribble some on paper. I like to be surprised by what comes out during the process.

    Choose SUB_° Jewels if you are looking for jewelry with a recognizable and elegant design. Each jewel is unique, studied down to the smallest detail and handmade through different processing phases, until the final result is reached.