The most common problem with silver jewelry is its oxidation . The oxidation of silver jewelery is a natural process, but with correct maintenance and care it can be prevented and your jewelery will always look like new.

Preserving the beauty of your 925 Silver jewelery for as long as possible is very simple if you follow some precautions:

• Clean the jewel with a special cloth for cleaning 925 Silver jewels in order to safeguard the shine and avoid oxidation.

• When they are not worn, it is important not to leave them exposed to the air, but to keep them in their box (or in velvet, silk or jewelery bags), placing them carefully in an orderly manner and never in bulk. Avoid contact with creams, perfumes, detergents, abrasive substances and chlorine.

• Avoid wearing jewelery in particularly humid environments such as swimming pools, saunas, spa environments, the sea.

• Wash jewelery using only neutral or silver-specific soaps, dissolved in hot water.

• Dry the jewelery gently to avoid scratching it (as it is a very soft metal).

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