About SUB_°Gemma

Gemma Lonardi, 30 years old, Verona, Architect.

Since I was a child I have been fascinated by drawing, and several years later I began to gain experience by selling my first creations.

If at the beginning I created hand-drawn t-shirts on request, as time went by I got closer and closer to design also thanks to my university studies.

Creating a finished product from the initial thought through all the phases of creation is what I like most!

The idea of ​​SUB is to combine my interests, fusing design, architecture and sculpture in artisanal thought and creation. I am self-taught, my jewels grow with me and I grow with them, always trying to renew myself and learn new things.

Each design is original, each jewel, even if similar, is always different from the others due to the particular facets that characterize the manual work. My hope is to see more and more SUBs around the world!

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