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Set SUB_Heart

Set SUB_Heart

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Set from the SUB_Cuore collection, with ring and necklace

These jewels represent a heart full of signs and scars, describing the experience that each of us carries with us.

Each jewel is handmade in 925 silver , however similar in shape it will be different and unique.

I hope it can be a symbol of having accepted one's scars or in the case of a gift of having accepted and understood those of the other person, because it is precisely these signs of our experience that we carry with us and that make us special!

The measurements to be selected for the ring mean the diameter in mm . If you don't know your size or want to check it, visit the size guide on our website.

For any doubt or if you can't find your size, contact me privately (any size can be ordered! If you want to give me more specific information on your size, write to me)

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